հҽӀӀօ Տtɾɑղցҽɾ 

Kofi Amed's Blog

Hello there !

Black or white 

A mixture of yellow or green 

Blue eyes or thick lips 

May be Short or tall ,fat or slim 

A blend of Asian or Caucasian 

African or wherever you from,

Do you bleed? Is your blood red ?

Do you breathe? 

Hello there

Do you still cry when the lights are off ?

Does your blood pressure soar in the dark ?

I guess you a grown up now, a muchacho with a buoyant forehead .

Hello there 

Forget their phoney comments 

You are a queen, believe it ,live it. 

Hey you skinny with bulging eyes 

You curvy with thick lips 

You are Pretty .

Hello there 

You look gorgeous in those native prints 

Radiant in the purple scarf 

You allure in those blue jeans 

Elegant in the wooden slippers 

and dazzling Afro beads .

Hello there  

Your breathe smell like soursop do…

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