It’s Okay to Not Be Okay


Hello guys. The weekend has been tough and I really felt the need to post this. Today’s post is dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones, 16 days into the year 2017.


They’re gone; it hurts but it’s true.
Seconds ago you spoke to them
You hugged, you laughed,
You texted, even sent them voice notes.
You’re never prepared for this- for them to leave.
It’ll happen, you know this but
You never prepared for it.

You’d like to wake up from it all
To lie to yourself that you’ve been asleep all along.
But nothing brings more pain
Than knowing that you’re more awake,
More alert, and more in pain than you’ll ever be.
You’d cry, but you have to be strong for others.
You’d die, but after all this would that even matter?
You’d hate the fact that you felt it-That nudge that told…

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