Let Me Bleed In Peace

Perfectly put

Grey Mural

blood-ink Photo Credit: oxfordjunior.co.uk/ink-vs-blood/

I told the girl I love that I started writing “seriously” just last year. I think she was somewhat shocked. Or maybe it’s just how I expected her to react. Perhaps she might not have been shocked at all. I tend to hold people to certain personas in the world of my mind. Maybe it’s a character flaw. Or not.

I think on some days I find myself betraying my shock of self. I am not a seer, but there is a fair amount of surprise lurking on the fringes of my mind anytime I think about where my life is now. I did not expect to view life in the way I see it today. Then again, I did not expect to be a young man who has an on and off affair with depression.

For a lot of children, “doctor” is what they’d say when…

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