The Girl Who’s Always There

I feel like most of black/African girls can relate to this. We try to be there for everybody else, we are taught to be tough, be strong, multitask.

As a college student I have to balance Academics, social life, student organizations, stay healthy, help my family, go to work (2 jobs by the way), go to church activities, and maintain good healthy relationships (huh? Boyfriend? whattt?). I try to be there for everybody, take care of a sick friend, take an extra shift at work, volunteer at church. But once in a while, i have to sit down and remind myself to breathe. So breathe girls.. take a break!


Are you one of those people who is always there when somebody needs you? Everybody calls on you. Everybody needs you. You are, after all, strong enough, smart enough, tough enough to make it through anything and everything. Well, who do the strong go to? The strong have needs. The strong have weaknesses! Take the time for you to do the same things for yourself as you do for others.



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