Fat Chicks, Fat women, and Fatness in General

I rue the day a woman looked into a mirror and felt fat for the first time; I regret the moment Oprah decided to loose some pounds because all of a sudden half of America felt inadequate. I pity the aspiring TV producer that walked into a TLC Executive’s office and pitched the idea of a show called “Toddlers & Tiaras” and lament the anguish a young teenager will have when she opens a Vogue magazine for the first and begins to feel less attractive because some thin, photoshopped model made her think she was.

2I respect and understand the need to loose weight as a matter of health but I am disturbed by those who do it as a prerequisite to beauty; I am bewildered by those that paste too much make-up on their faces and accessorize with such superficial flare and vigor that their beauty becomes as tainted as those blood diamonds that hang down their necks.

I know what I’m saying might sound disjointed, corny and might make you gag because you just caught a whiff of cheesy but it sounding corny doesn’t make it untrue. Where I’m from beauty is unquantifiable; Its not something you put on scale and say how much it weighs nor is it something you line up in front of 5 judges and give a score out of 10. Where I’m from beautiful isn’t $5 weaves, $3000 boob jobs or 20 Facebook & Myspace picture comments; beautiful isn’t what your man says your are or says you aren’t but simply what God intended you to be. And I know there is a Miss Zimbabwe pageant and a Miss Universe South Africa but before the advent of imperialist conquest I really doubt southern African villages got together once a year to hold regional swimsuit contests. ~~ Kwapi


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