when loneliness is underrated

Idle head

There are times when I’m content with being single.

  • Having no one to check with concerning decisions I should make/intend making.
  • When accepting an invitation from someone of the opposite sex to hang out guilt-free. Not worrying if it could cause a trail of jealousy on some boo.
  • When indulging in myself, thinking absolutely about myself and my direction only, with no one to account to on my whereabouts.

Then I have those other times where, even while esctatic about my single life,

  • I wish for a 3am call, or an early morning text, or a midday call from someone intimate.
  • I really don’t want to worry about a date for an occasion because I’d already have a default plus one.
  • I’ll go and fall in love with a married person, or a friend in a relationship, and then there will come a moment of disappointment and…

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