Time and Distance

I count the days He counts the hours I wonder who’ll get there Before the other Who will come first? Though my body is louder My heart misses him most He counts the hours I count the days That way it seems so close He is a man of means And ways, and truths I […]

Finding the way

Ultimately,  YOU need to acquire your own sense in your heart to handle that situation with that person, to walk that fine balance, to love but to also hold true to your principles. That is not easy. There is no easy answer. Ultimately, we need to be behave with respect with everyone, but without compromising […]

Duality of Love

Love is like water. When it pools, its stillness becomes a mirror where you can see your own face clearer than you ever have before. Or its quiet surface is transformed into a second sky, where night’s reflected stars seem so close they are almost within reach, and you can feel their heat against your […]