Time and Distance

I count the days He counts the hours I wonder who’ll get there Before the other Who will come first? Though my body is louder My heart misses him most He counts the hours I count the days That way it seems so close He is a man of means And ways, and truths I […]

Superficial Skin

When we are looking to understand ourselves and each other, we need to understand this. We are not the personality. We are not our “skin,” psychologically speaking. Physically, we have a given appearance, we have characteristics—how we talk, how we speak, how we behave, our interests, our tastes—and we normally use those things to determine […]

The Girl Who’s Always There

I feel like most of black/African girls can relate to this. We try to be there for everybody else, we are taught to be tough, be strong, multitask. As a college student I have to balance Academics, social life, student organizations, stay healthy, help my family, go to work (2 jobs by the way), go […]